2 Nights in the Desert Camel Trekking


This excursion begins after a quiet lunch. The camels will be loaded with food, blankets and all the necessary effects for this trip that will take us through the most solitary desert. The camp is located on a 120 meter high dune where you can have hours and hours of fun riding your board across the sand (sandboarding). On the first night we will enjoy a dinner around a fire. In the morning we will have a good breakfast because we still have almost 2 hours of travel until we reach our new destination.

We will stop for an hour and a half to have lunch under the shade of a Tamariz, a typical tree of the desert. After lunch, we will continue our journey to the property of a Tuareg family where we will spend the night and interact with them. The next day, after a good breakfast, we will return to the village. this excursion can be done in reverse. You can spend the first night with the Tuareg family and the next night in the oasis. The second day after the visit to the Tuareg family is when you can enjoy sandboarding.

Included :

Camel to person/guide
Nomadic Tents (Camping/Haimas)
Dinner and breakfast
Camel Trekking (1:30 min)